«We have seen two years of digital transformation in just two months,» words from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, a more than authorized voice to speak of this global phenomenon, but perhaps the reality of Peru is still a bit distant. Here, «the extra» will be at least 3 years.

The truth is that with the end of confinement, we do not expect to see flying cars or kilometric tubes for transporting people, but what is certain is that this temporal jump has made many companies’ digital transformation strategic plans useless. Surely some of the capabilities that companies had at the beginning of 2020 no longer provide the same value now in July 2025. The same happens in reverse, in 2025 we require new capabilities that until 100 days ago we thought we would have a few years to implement. «I never think about the future, it arrives too soon.» Once again, Einstein was right.

For that reason, the paradox arises that the leaders of organizations for a time will stop working with a 5-year projection. The consequences of this situation have triggered that at least for a time, we stop working on our future competitiveness and work on the present. In these 100 days, we have gone down more in Maslow’s pyramid than the stock markets in March!! As an old sage said, «Vision is great, as long as the internet connection of all your collaborators spread out over the geography of Peru and the video call program of the moment are operational.»

What alternatives do we have to pivot in such tumultuous times?

Leveraging on investment jargon, I believe that the first thing to keep in mind is that «Past returns do not guarantee future returns.» The paradigm shift is so deep that to ensure the sustainability of businesses, as so many times in companies, the key is the collaborators.

How many times have we heard that this digital transformation is not so much about technology as it is about people? Organizations have the challenge of reducing the gap between the 2020 mentality of their collaborators and the way of working and the 2025 tools we have today.

Now is the moment of truth (MOT) about the theory of agile organizations and multidisciplinary and resilient teams. All of this is already a reality that we are applying without anesthesia or network. Now it is more evident than ever that a successful culture at the mercy of talent, combined with transformative leadership, is the recipe for companies that were competitive in 2020 to continue to be so now, in 2025.

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